Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another Great Dane

As noted here before, I'm a big fan of Danish archaeology. They have cool material, good scholars, a solid scientific tradition and hardly any tiresome wannabe philosophers nibbling away at their archaeological university funding.

Esben Schlosser Mauritsen is one of the great Danes, and here is his web site. Esben is into archaeology as extreme sports: aerial photography and underwater excavations are his specialities. Check out his project gallery!

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Blogger Hans Persson said...

I recently noticed that the airforce museum just where I live has a photo exhibition of pictures taken of archaeological sites. As far as I understood it from my fast skimming, the sites were detected from aerial photos.

28 November, 2006 11:52  
Blogger Martin said...

Aerial photography is a wonderful tool to find and map archaeological sites. They show up as cropmarks during dry years, as snow marks, as slight irregularities in the surface of the ground when the sun is low. And you don't have to take new shots: there are huge archives of aerial photographs taken for chartographical and military purposes, just waiting for someone to look at them with an archaeological eye.

28 November, 2006 12:09  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Very nice site he has, super cool photos.

28 November, 2006 23:59  

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