Thursday, November 23, 2006


Dear Reader, let me introduce you to Martin Rundkvist.

Martin has trained as a seaman and worked as a chef. The 26-year-old is now a teacher at the Nakkebølle boarding school for troubled teens on southern Funen in Denmark. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him.

Danish Martin is the only person I'm aware of who spells his name just like mine. There are at least five more Martin Rund**ists in Sweden, living in Borensberg, Tibro, Norrköping, Staffanstorp and Hjo. But they spell their surnames Rundquist, Rundqvist and Rundqwist. There used to be one in the Stockholm area too, but he changed his surname -- gasping with relief, one imagines.

Funny how unimportant a name is as long as it blends in with the surrounding flora. Martin Rundkvist, Mattias Sundkvist, Markus Lindkvist, whatever. Danish Martin's name, though, must look slightly odd to his compatriots, a bit like if I were named Ole Krag Nielsen.



Blogger Karen said...

Are you sure that's not a picture of you? The two Martin's have the same haircut :)

The famous me is some sort of dog trainer who writes books. I'm not jealous at all.

Glad to see you're back!

23 November, 2006 20:36  
Blogger Martin said...

Maybe this could offer a lead to start investigating what exactly it is I do during those month-long absences from which I return with amnesia and speaking with a Danish accent?

23 November, 2006 20:55  
Blogger Hans said...

If I remember correctly, I have about twenty namesakes just in the Linköping phone book...

23 November, 2006 21:51  

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