Thursday, October 12, 2006

Skeptical Voices

The Skeptics' Circle blog carnival has moved on from here and is currently welcoming visitors at the Inoculated Mind blog. Karl, who runs the blog, did something cool and unusual this time. He asked the contributors to send him voicemail over Skype, so in addition to the standard carnival text there is a podcast where you can hear the contributors, including yours truly, talk about their submissions. Great to hear the voices of these people whose writing I read all the time!

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Blogger Karen said...

Soooo that's what you sound like. Hmmmm. Not really what I expected but it was nice to put a voice to the face of Swedish archaeology ;)

Hey, I just realized that we both popped a cherry this week! You with your mac and me with the podcast. Sigh...I think I need a cigarette.

12 October, 2006 22:17  

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