Friday, October 06, 2006

New Government

The new Swedish right-wing government's members were announced today. There are 22 of them, of which ten are women. Their median age is 47,5 years. Eleven are Conservatives, four are Centrists (a party once named the Farmer's Union), four are Liberal Democrats (yep, they're right-wingers compared to the Social Democrats) and three are Christian Democrats.

There are a number of interesting details to note.

The Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, is a former Prime Minister ('91-'94).

The Minister for Culture, Cecilia Stegö Chilò, used to head Timbro, a hardcore liberal think tank. She's likely to unleash the Invisible Hand all over the Swedish culture scene. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a McDonald's flag in front of every tourist-friendly archaeological site in the country before long. More encouragingly, Stegö Chilò spells utter doom for the Social-Democrat heritage ideologues currently in charge at the Board of National Antiquities.

The Minister for the Environment, Andreas Carlgren, is a gay man, a registered co-habitator and a father of three. This is particularly cool because the three Christian Democrat ministers (for Stock Trade, Social Issues and Public Health) are likely to secretely loathe the guy. I wonder if we'll see any attempts to influence sex education on the part of the new Minister for Social Issues?

The Minister for Migration Issues, Tobias Billström, age 32, is the junior member of this government.

The Minister for Integration and Gender Equality, Nyamko Sabuni, is a black woman born in the Kongo and a huge hottie.

I didn't vote for these people, but it sure is going to be interesting to see what they do.

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Blogger Morelli said...

great!! Finally i have a link about the new governement to send to Eliza & jason in new york! thank you m!!

12 October, 2006 08:59  
Blogger Martin said...

Thank you, sweetie!

12 October, 2006 10:21  

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