Sunday, January 01, 2006

Handling swollen goods

Rejoice, oh ye wankers, for Ivor Biggun's Fourth Coming is upon us!

The dirtiest secret of British comedy music released his third album in 1987. And then there's been silence (and a hits collection in 2000). What was the man up to? Apart from his palm-blistering favourite pastime? Do we want to know?

Eighteen years. And on the new album, Handling swollen goods, he hasn't changed one bit. The rock-bottom lowness and soaring wit, the excellent band, nineteen new hummable tunes including a few recorded live at a pub in Croydon, and a pack of new dogs to keep Rover company. Eee, by gum!

You haven't heard of Biggun before? Well, do you like Monty Python and dirty limericks? 'Course you do. This disc will have you snorting with laughter like a tosser on your daily commute. Now get thee to the on-line record store. And hands off of that ukulele, it'll cost you your eyesight.

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Anonymous misteraitch said...

I saw Ivor play a couple of times at a pub in Fulham back in 1987. I hadn't heard news of him for years, but I guess it's good to know he's still keeping busy.

01 January, 2006 08:19  
Blogger Martin said...

Judging from the pub recordings on his albums, he must be a great live act. I made a pilgrimage to the Swan in Fulham Broadway in '92, but the place wasn't open and Ivor's Jivers weren't on the band roster. I guess the Doc Cox persona got the upper hand for a time.

01 January, 2006 12:04  

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