Saturday, December 24, 2005

Tech note - SharpReader dislikes corrupt XML currently isn't doing a very good job on the Atom feed for this blog. In fact, the XML code it produces is so debased that SharpReader won't have anything to do with it. I've tried switching templates without any improvement, so I guess one of the blog entries must contain something the XML generator doesn't like.

However, the blog looks OK on the web and in the feed readers built into Thunderbird and Firefox. So, dear SharpReader users, sorry for the inconvenience. I can't do anything about it and I hope the problem will go away before you forget about the blog. Helpful suggestions from those wise in the ways of the Feed would be most welcome.

Update on Christmas Day: SharpReader is fine with the blog if you paste the entire XML address into the address field. The problem arises when you use only the web URL, which works for most other blogs.

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