Sunday, February 26, 2006


I'm writing this from the golf course of Saltsjöbaden, not far from home. Most of the time, I avoid this place as I don't want to get brained by a golf ball. But on snowy sunny winter days, chances are you'll find me here, cross-country skiing.

Here comes my old gym teacher and lots of other ski bums. Must be hundreds of us on a good day. A lot of retirees.

My fingers are getting cold. More music and skiing now!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You go skiing while carrying a laptop?????? I am very, very impressed.

27 February, 2006 18:04  
Blogger Martin said...

Nooo, the machine I use to blog from trains and skis and treetops is a handheld computer the size of a soap. Lookie here.

It's also a phone, a crappy camera and a very good mp3 player. Oh techie joy!

27 February, 2006 19:02  

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