Monday, February 20, 2006

Boingboing's pneumatic pogo

Boingboing is the world's most popular blog and deservedly so. It's a links collection with entertaining and intelligent commentary, it has a strong liberal bent and new posts appear by the hour.

But what's up with Boingboing's naïvist animated logo? It shows a burly person of unspecific gender with pigtails, a checked shirt, dungarees and heavy black boots. This individual is holding a vibrating T-shaped object that is either a pneumatic drill or a pogo stick. Given the name of the site, it should be a pogo stick. But while the person's upper body is bouncing with the contraption, her/his feet remain rooted to the ground.

What is the semiotic content of this logotype? Burly dyke works pneumatic drill? Girly lumberjack glues boots to ground and plays with pogo stick? And in either case, what does this say about the blog's mission and contents?

A delicious enigma. Any ideas, Dear Reader?

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