Saturday, February 25, 2006

Melodic psychedelia

I love music – it's my only drug. There's always music playing in my head, if I'm not wearing earphones that send actual music into it, or ear plugs because I'm at a concert. For this reason, I was tempted for a long time to put up a music page on WWW. I always tossed the idea aside since it seems gratuitous to preach about bands that everybody knows about. Finally, however, I realised that I listen to a lot of bands that hardly anyone knows about. And so, here are my music pointers, freshly updated.

What unites the bands on the main list is that they are all currently issuing records or demos and that their musical roots are in the US/British melodic psychedelia of 1965-1975. The music involved varies in attitude from good-natured pop to evil metal. All the bands, however, have in common a love of melody, vocal harmony, trippy sounds and surreal lyrics. These people are also all very highly skilled musicians on stage and in the studio, and tend to be multi-instrumentalists. This is music with heart (warm), brains (slightly addled) and, in many cases, a lot of balls. The discographies only cover my favourite discs. After the main list follows a selection of less well known but extremely good psychedelic bands of the past.

I'm always thrilled to find new good music. If you're familiar with these bands or check them out and find that you like them, I would be very grateful if you would share your own favourites with me.

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