Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cyber Culture Speaking Gig

Ming the Merciless has a son named Clas. He teaches at the Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. Last night he called me and offered me a speaking gig. So next week, I'm going to lecture Clas's students on cyber culture. Yay!


Blogger Karen said...

How very interesting. But you didn't say why you think he's Ming's son? Wouldn't you rather have been speaking with a young Ornella Muti?

By the way, Flash was my all time favourite movie when I was growing up. Still a fav.

07 December, 2006 01:10  
Blogger Martin said...

Hint: google the Swedish actor who played Ming in the 80s movie and check the names of his kids.

07 December, 2006 10:00  
Blogger Karen said...

Well, yes I know von Sydow played Ming but I didn't realize you meant his ACTUAL child. I thought maybe it was just that this Clas person was the embodiement of evil.

09 December, 2006 02:43  

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