Sunday, August 06, 2006


Alun Salt of Archaeoastronomy has set me a task, in the same way that I zapped him a few days ago. I'm a bit wary about these "memes", that is, blogging chain letters. They serve to express and cement social bonds between bloggers, they're fun to write, but I'm not sure they're all that fun to read. Anyway, a few chain letter entries like this now and then shouldn't scare off too many readers.

10 years ago: In the summer of 1996 I was two years into my thesis work and still believed that I'd finish it in little more than the stipulated four years. Went to Gotland, dug a little trench, found nothing, did some metal detecting, found nothing, did some surveying with a total station, never used the data. The following summer I dug two graves at the site. Found nothing much, though. My thesis is about extremely cool stuff that others had found before I was born.

5 years ago: In the summer of 2001 YuSie and I got married on the deck outside the summer house, a few meters from where I'm sitting with the laptop now. I was still working on the thesis, based at the Museum of National Antiquities. Completed the first draft in early 2002.

1 year ago: Dug a Viking Period boat grave near Norrköping with my friend Howard and his students. Found cool stuff. Report to be finished real soon now.

5 songs I know all the words to: Tom Lehrer, "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park"; Belly, "Untogether"; Pixies, "Cactus"; of Montreal, "Dreamy Day of Daydreaming of You"; Teenage Fanclub, "Alcoholiday".

5 snacks: cookies, cinnamon buns, potato crisps, chocolate, müsli 'n' milk.

5 things I’d do with $100 million: field archaeology, nice house with a view of the sea, staff to take care of house and garden, travel, summer house in New Zealand.

5 places I’d run away to: New Zealand, Middle-earth, Earthsea, Gormenghast, Västerängsholmen.

5 things I’d never wear: I'd happily try on anything intended for wearing that doesn't require body modification.

5 favourite TV shows: 6 Ft Under, A Touch of Frost, (early) X-Files, Twin Peaks, Monty Python's Flying Circus.

5 greatest joys: my wife, my children, reading, writing, music.

5 favourite toys: my wife, computer, GPS navigator, car, skis.

I'll refrain from tagging anyone this time.


Anonymous pablo said...

Had you tagged me (and thank you for not doing so) I could have linked to the time I'd already responded to this meme. I do hate memes.

07 August, 2006 18:00  
Blogger Martin said...

Aha, those feelings are often otherwise reserved for mimes.

07 August, 2006 20:01  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

I really enjoyed reading your list. this was one tag I didn't mind participating in.

I am so pleased to find your weblog!

08 August, 2006 20:16  
Blogger Martin said...

Many thanks!

08 August, 2006 20:40  
Blogger Alun said...

...and Candy Minx linking to means you overtake me on Technorati :)

09 August, 2006 13:43  
Blogger Martin said...

*ostentatious yawn* I overtook you weeks ago. (-;

09 August, 2006 13:58  

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