Monday, July 31, 2006

Caught A Lite Sneeze

Went to bed last night with the realisation that I'd caught a throat bug. Woke up with a smarting port-side tonsil, powered up the laptop, and found that I've also been hit with a friendly blogging chain letter, The Book Meme. Boys 'n' girls, in dealing with smooth lova Carl at Hot Cup of Joe, keep your mind protected!

1) One book that changed your life?
    J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Sent me questing through Fantasyland for years, including a decade in the Stockholm Tolkien Society. Probably made me an archaeologist as well.
2) One book you have read more than once?
    Stanislaw Lem's The Cyberiad. Quirky and hilarious robot stories.
3) One book you would want on a desert island?
    It'd have to be long-lasting and it'd have to be practically useful. Does Encyclopaedia Britannica count as one book?
4-5) One book that made you laugh/cry?
    Sue Townsend's Adrian Mole. The Cappuccino Years. Those books make you laugh and cry.
6) One book you wish had been written?
    Hygelac Hrethelson, Chlochilaicus. An autobiography. Vols 1-7. We could really use some good historical sources for early and mid-1st millennium Scandinavia.
7) One book you wish had never had been written?
    Michael Shanks & Christopher Tilley, Re-constructing archaeology. Theory and practice. Anti-science in our midst.
8) One book you are currently reading?
    Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers. It's like a Beatles record, incredible brilliance from someone who's 24.
9) One book you have been meaning to read?
    Joseph Addison, Selected essays from "The Tatler", "The Spectator" and "The Guardian". I really like essays and I'm working through the bigguns of the form.
10) Now tag five people -OK, people, you know what you gotta do.

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Blogger AMber said...

Well, I did it! But I wrote my list in Swedish, since the blog is in that language. Some of the titles are in English because I read the books in English. I tagged 5 Swedes, so now the list will go on in Swedish too.

31 July, 2006 22:50  
Blogger Martin said...

Well done! The disease is spreading...

31 July, 2006 22:56  
Blogger Martha said...

It's in the works! I'm sloooow these days, I'm afraid...

02 August, 2006 18:44  
Blogger Martin said...

Take yer time, baby.

02 August, 2006 22:55  

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