Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Turn Off, Tune Out, Write a Book

Somebody kindly clued me in to ex-hippie Chris Locke's hilarious blog Mystic Bourgeoisie. It chronicles his work on a book-to-be about the rise of New Age Boomer anti-intellectualism in the US.

"The unlikely story of how America slipped the surly bonds of Earth & came to believe in signs & portents that would make the Middle Ages blush". Great stuff for anyone with a soft spot for the sillier side of the counterculture. R.A. Wilson fans, take note.

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Blogger clocke said...

Thanks for the props, Martin. And for that stoner pyramid I ripped from gods-know-where. ;-)

07 September, 2006 20:43  
Blogger Martin said...

It's a cool pyramid. Sort comes with an implicit sound effect. A huge choir singing Haydn's Creation, "Let there be LLIIGGHHTT!!"

07 September, 2006 20:49  

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