Sunday, July 16, 2006

Overheard in Stockholm

Overheard in New York is a great blog that publishes conversations overheard in the streets and on the subway (with humorous commentary). The Swedish version is called Tjuvlyssnat and is also very good. This entry just came up.
A very hairy guy in shorts and a tank top gets on the subway train.

Boy 5+: "Mommy, why has that man got fur?"

Mother: "Oh, hush!"

Boy 5+, yells: "But why has he got fur?"

Everyone around smiles except Hairy Guy who scowls at the kid.

Boy 5+, a little frightened: "Mommy, now the bear's looking at me in an angry way!"
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Anonymous Johan said...

I don't really see what's so funny about Overheard in New York. A rare pearl every now and then, but mainly pretty boring stuff. Tjuvlyssnat is somewhat better, though.


17 July, 2006 00:19  
Blogger Martin said...

Here's the latest one I really liked.

17 July, 2006 00:22  
Anonymous Johan said...

Yeah, that's one of the better ones, but it didn't make laugh. This one did.


17 July, 2006 00:37  
Blogger Morelli said...

yes tjuvlyssnat is great fun and actually worth being commerical

18 July, 2006 23:00  
Blogger Martin said...

Mwahaha, I never see any commercials since I read the blog with SharpReader. (-;

18 July, 2006 23:06  

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