Monday, July 10, 2006

Carnival's Coming

A blog carnival is a regularly appearing thematic collection of selected blog writing. Carnivals move from blog to blog according to a pre-agreed schedule, just like a real-life carnival travels from fairground to fairground. Entries from Salto sobrius have appeared regularly on a number of carnivals, and now it's time for me to host my first: the science carnival Tangled Bank is coming here on Wednesday 19 July!

Tangled Bank is organised by one of my favourite bloggers, the atheist liberal biologist PZ Myers, and so it is mainly about biology, medicine and natural history. But it's got yielding thematic boundaries: my science posts are mainly archaeological in nature, but have nevertheless been accepted. "It's sufficient that you show some passion for the science of the natural world."

I'd be very pleased if Salto sobrius's regulars would contribute something to the carnival to show what we've got going over here in our neck of the woods. Just write to, put the words "Tangled Bank" somewhere in the subject line, and provide a link to your article along with a sentence or two of descriptive summary. You won't regret it: Tangled Bank has a huge readership and generates a lot of exposure.

Oh, right, the pic. Blog carnivals obviously take their name from travelling amusement parks, not from South American samba parades. But I really like that pic, for reasons of biology and natural history. So it's far from gratuitous in this context.

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