Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Goes Round, Comes Round

I grumbled a bit back in March about complaints from the University of Dingledongle regarding how I've said in public that archaeology is a hopeless career. Then it got worse, in ways I haven't chronicled here. Instead I wrote something for the journal of the Swedish trade union of university teachers, a piece which is now on-line in Swedish. The story is basically as follows:

Martin: "May I please apply for grant money to work with you guys?"

Dingledongle head of dept: "Certainly, your project looks very interesting."

Martin: "Thanks." (Does application paperwork.)

Dingledongle head of dept: "Wait a minute! I saw you on TV the other day. You said that a lot of archaeologists are unemployed and that we might as well close down the MA courses for a few years. You can't work here! Fuck you!"

Martin: "You don't like me saying that in public? I'll show you public!" (Writes polemical article.)

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