Sunday, May 07, 2006

Flying Rowan

Looking for a strong mojo? Something to make you irresistable on the meat market? Maybe you need a good dowsing rod? Or you're tired of your butter-churning taking too much time? Anyone can see the advantages of being able to become invisible.

What you need, according to the folklore of many countries in Northern Europe, is a flying rowan. It's a rowan tree growing from bird droppings as an epiphyth on another tree. Oak is supposed to be best. But mind you, the flying rowan's powers are due to it never having touched the ground. The moment it does, it loses the spark.

I found a flying rowan today outside a subway station in western Stockholm. It was easy to spot, growing in the naked crown of a dead oak. Being a mechanistic materialist, I made no effort to take it. Only its picture. And besides, you're supposed to leave the first flying rowan you find alone. Somehow the second one's mystic powers are stronger.

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Anonymous Juniper (maike) said...

... as far as i know you are supposed to cut them at night...

so good luck to everyone who gives it a try... climb the treet (naked and chanting would be best as to increase the powers even further) cut it with either a silber or a non- metal (eg wood, flintstone)blade... and get the darn thing back to the ground without dropping it... btw don't forget the blade up in the tree...

... sometimes i wonder if our ancestors had a bit too much spare time... :o)

08 May, 2006 21:40  
Blogger Martin said...

You mean if I stand long enough under that tree some New Age hippie chick's gonna show up and climb it in the nude, holding a flint dagger between her teeth, and chanting? Wow! There are still some pretty wild kicks to be had in this world!

08 May, 2006 22:14  

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