Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Thirty-something pop listeners like myself are all in a tizzy over The Raconteurs, a supergroup featuring Jack White of the White Stripes, Brendan Benson of solo fame, and the rythm section of the Greenhornes, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler. To some listeners, White's and Bensons's collaboration is kind of like if Lennon and McCartney had begun recording together for the first time in 1975. Both as to artistic importance and specific content.

The album Broken Boy Soldiers (release date 16 May) is guitar-based power pop with harmony singing and a few studio tricks. Singing-wise, White's salt and Benson's sweetness meld beautifully. And Messrs Lawrence & Keeler are inventive and smart beyond the call of duty. Turn the bass up!

To rattle off a few band names, I'm sure fans of the Beatles, Big Star, White Stripes and Benson's solo work will be very happy with this album. It's music for middle class kids of the 70s, and consequently I'm pretty sure it'll be on the soundtrack of quite a few late 00s childhoods. I'll try to catch the band when they play in Stockholm on 6 July.

On a confessional note, I should say that judging from a Google search, I seem to be the only one who has thought of calling the band The Raccoon Turds. I wonder if I should be proud or ashamed of myself.

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Blogger Molle said...

Åååå! Tack för det tipset! I en väntan som ser ut att bli utan slut på Jason Falkners nya album (som han själv påstår har legat i mixning sen i november; nånstans har jag slutat tro på det där) har jag lyssnat på Brendan Benson, som ju Falkner har kollaborerat med i studion. Benson når visserligen inte upp till Falkners nivå men är ett substitut som gör att jag inte gråter konstant över den platta som världen väntat på i åtta år, så de hära Raccoon Turds ska bli spännande att kolla in.

27 April, 2006 20:30  
Blogger Martin said...

I'm sure you'll like it. And while you're at it, grab the new Essex Green as well!

27 April, 2006 20:36  

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