Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Fornvännen Centenary

One of the two journals I have the pleasure to edit, Fornvännen, celebrates its centenary this year. We marked volume 100 with a seminar in Stockholm last autumn, the proceedings of which have just appeared as a special issue of the journal. Here are the contents.
  • Evert Baudou on the state of Swedish archaeology in 1906, with an emphasis on Oscar Almgren's and Oscar Montelius's activities.
  • Stig Welinder on Fornvännen's importance for the country's first female archaeologists.
  • Kerstin Lidén on the use of methods from the natural sciences in Fornvännen.
  • Lars Larsson on Stone Age studies in Fornvännen.
  • Thomas B. Larsson on Bronze Age studies in Fornvännen.
  • Ingmar Jansson on Ture J. Arne and Fornvännen's contacts with the East.
  • Lena Liepe on studies of Medieval art in Fornvännen.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hej Martin
Hemsidan Fornvännen var lite ouppdaterat. Det verkar värt att prenumerera. Är det 4 nr per år??

22 April, 2006 11:16  
Blogger Martin said...

The web site is always a bit late, unfortunately. I don't have access to that server.

Subscription is definitely a bargain if you're into archaeology. 300 pages annually, divided into four issues, all for SEK 200.

22 April, 2006 11:22  

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