Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fieldwork in Kaga


This morning we wrapped up our 20 man-hours in Sjögestad, aided by colleagues from the county museum. Thar's no gold in them fields, so now we can strike Sjögestad from the list of potential Dark Ages royal seats.

Things are looking much better at the site in Kaga parish that we moved on to after lunch. Tim's been on a small-finds high all day. Took him ten minutes to find a 5th century cruciform brooch, and then he went on to nab every single worthwhile find of the day. A 6th century small-equal-armed brooch, a 7th century punch-decorated strap end mount, a flattened spheroid weight, part of a punch-decorated finger-ring, a little bell and another 17th century coin. And endless brass buttons & scrap, of course.

Me and Kenth are using identical C-scope brand detectors, Tim has a White machine. But he also has much more experience with his machine, so it's hard to tell the main reason for his success. I'm not complaining, long as someone gets the goods out of the ground!

We worked late and had a really glamorous dinner at Ikea's checkout. Yes! Two vego pizza slices with soda for only 20 kronor! Feasting like Viking kings.

Beddie time. Kenth snores like a cave bear in there. Lucky I brought plugs.


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