Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring Here -- Crocus Spotted

Oh joy! Spring is here! After dropping my daughter off at daycare a few hours ago, I spotted the first crocus of 2006 at the base of a south-facing wall. Snow is still all around in great big drifts, but they're dwindling. Oh yes, they're dwindling.

By the way, I had an epiphany a few years back. You know, when the snow banks along roads melt, they become covered with sand? This is not because the sand creeps up to the surface. It's because sand is evenly distributed throughout the banks, and when they melt, from the top down, the sand that was suspended in the top snow collects on the surface of the shrinking bank.

I just thought you should know.

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Blogger Morelli said...

Aha! I like that kind of knowledge
epiphany, alright

28 March, 2006 16:24  
Blogger Martha said...

We don't get snow where we live now, but I did as a kid. Now we go into the mountains for a snow fix. Which is the way I like it, because then I can go, stay awhile, and then leave when I get tired of freezing hands, getting kids in and out of snow gear, and white knuckle driving. It's wimpy, I know.

28 March, 2006 18:29  
Blogger Molle said...

Doh! :-)

29 March, 2006 09:11  
Anonymous Josephine said...

crocus by me too ;-)

02 April, 2006 23:46  
Blogger Martin said...

Excellent! Where's that?

03 April, 2006 09:56  
Anonymous Josephine i Haag said...

The Hague, Netherlands... I hope I don't disqualify now? *grin*

03 April, 2006 14:35  
Blogger Martin said...

Weeell, in the Netherlands I'd more kind of expect huge psychedelic tulips. Do you guys really notice croci?

03 April, 2006 15:01  

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