Monday, March 27, 2006

Regulars Roundup

OK, so Salto sobrius has at least 40 regular Dear Readers of whom I've previously managed to identify twelve.

Here's a roundup of further identified regulars, not all of whom appear to read the blog daily.
  • YuSie C-R. Journalist, singer, artist and the best wife in the world. Her blog is s3krit.
  • Vladimir A. A Romanian colleague with a blog whose name seems to mean Diogenes's Barrel.
  • Tor S. My friend who is a Dr Phil. in philosophy, an amateur violinist and single at the moment, ladies, so I'll give his e-mail address to the first three who ask, OK?
  • This one guy at the faculty of the humanities in Gothenburg who apparently reads the Swedish archaeology mailing list on his department web mail account.
  • Roger W. My colleague who calls me when he finds cool stuff and who likes to dig Mesolithic seal hunting stations that are now on fookin' mountaintops.
  • Magnus H. My friend who used to be a rock star, then became a modern historian and who is currently a civil servant.
  • Johan J. Fantasist lord of a blog!
  • Isapisa. Jenny M's sister, an amateur archaeologist.
  • EoR. An Australian skeptic with a blog!
  • Ansa M. Teacher, singer, artist and the best ex-wife in the world. With a blog!
All in all, 22 known regulars.

Very few Dear Readers responded to my call for introductions. This may partly be because there are regulars who didn't read that entry. A number of people on the Skeptic Society's on-line forum and the Swedish archaeology mailing list appear to read only the entries I advertise about there, being the ones about natural science and archaeology, respectively. General waffling like this gets no advertising.

But anyway, you skulking anonymous regulars, please identify yourselves! If you do, and if you're lucky, I'll let you have sex with Tor.

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Blogger quarblotz said...

i read, but i have salto sobrius syndicated to my livejournal friends page, so i suspect i don't show up in your stats. keep up the good work, i'm really enjoying your posts!

27 March, 2006 23:44  
Anonymous Louise said...

I'm a radio producer in Scotland, but my background is being a 16th-17th century historian. I found your blog via one of the blog carnivals and I read it for the archaeology. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was small but it didn't work out that way and I ended up training as a historian! So I make up for it by hanging out with our local archaeologist and getting him into my programmes when I get the chance, and I help out when he needs someone to look something up in the archives. I was hooked by the entry on the deluged hunting grounds of Dogger because I find that sort of stuff fascinating. I know there's been talk of the potential for submerged mesolithic stuff off Orkney and that a lot of mapping has been done of the North Sea floor, so it's interesting to think about.

It's also interesting to see what's different about Swedish archaeology. I don't need Tor's e-mail as I'm already spoken for, but thanks for the offer!

28 March, 2006 03:12  
Blogger Martin said...

Well, thanks for the shout, Quarblotz and Louise! Very good to know you're around.

28 March, 2006 08:55  
Anonymous Olle Sahlin said...

Tried to make my presence known a while back, but the comment window censored my communication attempts...

One more try – Olle S - it's not just my wife reading your blog!

28 March, 2006 09:49  
Blogger Martin said...

Olle! The man, the myth, the loco without motive! Good to have you on board!

28 March, 2006 09:59  
Anonymous Yusie said...


29 March, 2006 10:03  
Anonymous Abolhassan Banisadr said...

I lurk.

29 March, 2006 21:22  
Blogger Martin said...

Salaam, Abolhassan! Where do you keep your physical manifestation while lurking?

29 March, 2006 22:14  
Anonymous Abo said...

Beyond the wall of sleep.

30 March, 2006 18:34  

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