Monday, February 13, 2006


My colleague Mikael Jägerbrand is a science fiction fanzine publisher turned journalist turned archaeologist. Today I learned that he's also a techno fan and former rave party organiser. He's written a book in Swedish about Docklands, a controversial 90s techno club in Stockholm. A 101 page version is freely available here, and you can also buy a printed 202 page version on the site.

In the media, the Docklands club was synonymous with ecstasy, kind of Stockholm's La Hacienda ten years later with added police raids. Stockholm even had a specialised police squad called the Rave Commission, dedicated to disrupting drug use at techno clubs.

I never went to any techno clubs and the hardest drug I've ever taken was a pint bottle of Heineken when I was fourteen. So the Docklands business mostly passed over my head, even though the venue was only about eight kilometres from where I live. But I'll take this opportunity to say that, from my tee-totaller perspective, it appears silly that most countries allow hard liquor to be sold freely, while criminalising marijuana use.

I mean, I gather cannabis will make you stupid and emotionally dull if you overdose for a long time, but the only way it'll kill you is if a joint sets fire to your couch. Liquor, however, kills. Prohibition has been tried repeatedly and clearly won't work. So as a tax payer, I'd like to see the public money currently put into combating marijuana shifted into alcoholism prevention and rehab.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what makes you think rehab is effective? don't buy into the industry.

03 March, 2006 01:13  
Blogger Martin said...

I don't know much about drugs rehab, but I imagine it would be like all healthcare: some methods have been proven effective in clinical tests and others haven't.

Guess which kind of treatment I'd like to put public money into.

If there are no treatments that have been proven effective, then we should fund research to find some.

03 March, 2006 08:39  
Blogger Martin said...

Today's paper mentions two drugs that work well against alcoholism: acamprosate (Campral) and naltrexone.

05 March, 2006 12:32  

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