Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tangled Bank

Gosh & lordy, Salto sobrius has made it onto the Tangled Bank science blog carnival! Hits are rumbling in to pulverise earlier records.

A carnival is a regularly occurring thematic collection of blog posts. If Salto sobrius would host a Pervy Hobbit Fancier blog carnival, then I would collect submissions from bloggers who write about this popular topic and publish the links with short descriptions here in one long blog entry, this being the carnival. A few weeks later, someone else would pick up the baton.

Strictly speaking, archaeology isn't one of the natural sciences, since it studies culture. It's a "humanity", an "art" in the US, or, at a stretch, a "social science". But I'm very pleased to be on Tangled Bank, because I have heavy leanings toward a natural science ideal of what all scholarship should be like. Not because I think natural scientists are all wise and good, but because I think they're somewhat less bad at finding out scientific truth than other scholars. Indeed, much of what goes on at university departments in the humanities isn't remotely like what I call science at all. In a book review in Fornvännen, I recently called this kind of non-scientific academic writing "art criticism, aphoristics, glass bead games or learned speculation".

Thankfully, you won't find that sort of thing on Tangled Bank.

Update. The links above are to the current instalment of Tangled Bank. Here's the carnival's home site.

Also, I've had the pleasure of seeing Salto sobrius on the Skeptics' Circle blog carnival!

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