Monday, January 09, 2006

Songs that stick

I have a musical head. If you'd put your ear to mine, I'm pretty sure you'd hear music playing most of the time. Rarely an entire song, mostly just the chorus or a riff repeating itself again and again and again and again.

On SKOM, the on-line living room where I hang out, there's a conference on songs that stick in your head. I've been posting there about my cranial juke-box's selections since April 2002. Below are the songs that have haunted me the most relentlessly. They're wonderful, but you may want to dip in carefully. Because they stick and they nest and they make themselves at home. You need to ask yourself, do I really want my brain re-wired to resemble Martin's?

Now, read on, and listen at your own peril.

Beck, "Truck-drivin' neighbors downstairs"
Big Star, "Give me another chance"
Bo Hansson, "The Sun (Parallel or 90°)"
BRMC, "Whatever happened to rock and roll?"
Coral, "Simon Diamond"
Eddie Meduza, "Va' den grön får du en ny"
Frank Black, "Sir Rockaby"
King Crimson, "Starless"
Lenny Kravitz, "It ain't over 'til it’s over"
Liam Lynch, "Rock and roll whore"
Marshmallow Coast, "Classifieds"
Nashville Pussy, "Keep on fucking"
of Montreal, "Jennifer Louise"
Pink Floyd, "Time"
Qoph, "Herr Qophs villfarelser"
Ramsey Kearney, "Blind Man's Penis (Peace and Love)"
Soundtrack of Our Lives, "Psychomantum X2000"
Starlight Mints, "Blinded by you"
Super Furry Animals, "Dacw hi"
This Mortal Coil, "You and your sister"
Tom Jones & Cardigans, "Burning down the house"

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