Saturday, December 16, 2006

Upcoming Blog Carnival

Dear Reader, do you blog? Do you want more exposure, more readers, more links?

Well, have you written anything good lately that relates to the life sciences? Then submit it to me for inclusion in the next edition of the massively popular Tangled Bank blog carnival! I'm putting it on-line on Wednesday 20 December.

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Anonymous paddy said...

Hello. Just wondering - what counts as "life sciences"? I am a Physics graduate and currently working for a master's in Energy Technology. I occasionally wander into science territory on my blog, mostly while complaining about something or other. Maybe you could have a glance at my blog and check if anything is suitable?

17 December, 2006 23:27  
Blogger Martin said...

On Tangled Bank, "The subject should be on biology, medicine, or natural history. We will define those categories very broadly, and it's sufficient that you show some passion for the science of the natural world." I've had entries on archaeology accepted pretty much consistently for the past year.

I'll take a look at your stuff!

18 December, 2006 09:18  

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