Friday, December 08, 2006

Skeptical Quarterly

The year's fourth issue of the skeptic quarterly I co-edit, Folkvett, reached subscribers today. The contents (92 pp.) are entirely in Swedish, as follows.
  • Ledare: Skall vi bara kritisera pseudovetenskap?
  • Kimmo Eriksson: Matematikmissbruk
  • Göran Grimvall: Förenkla -- men inte för mycket
  • Martin Peterson: Den nya vetenskapen i Luleå
  • Thors Hans Hansson: Ledande parapsykolog om kvantfysik (recension av Entangled Minds av Dean Radin)
  • Sven Ove Hansson: Test av ett svenskt medium
  • Birgitta Forsman & Dan Larhammar: Förtydligande om oredlighetsutredningar
  • Sven Ove Hansson: Politiskt förvriden vetenskap (recension av The Republican War on Science av Chris Mooney)
  • Olle Häggström: Duger det att stå utanför och se in?
  • Notiser
It's a really good issue. Too bad I've already read it in copy-editing.

Folkvett, like the entire skeptic movement, does suffer from a bad gender imbalance, though. Female skeptics, please send me manuscripts for the journal!

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Anonymous furiku said...

I hate that. I proofread the latest issue of "Humanisten" and now I can barely open it. I know there's some good stuff in there but I just can't bring myself to read it again...

10 December, 2006 02:04  
Blogger Martin said...

That's how rational we really are. We get to read everything months in advance, and then we whine because there's nothing new in the mag. (-;

10 December, 2006 09:24  

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