Sunday, October 15, 2006

Darndest Things

From the table conversation of my eight-year old son and his pal a moment ago.
A: My willy is protesting against my brain. My kidneys are protesting.

S: Is your kidney full of saffron?
Pancake absurdism. I have spawned a monster.

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Blogger Karen said...

Your offspring is truly bizarre.

15 October, 2006 14:51  
Blogger Martin said...

Why, thank you, kind lady! Who wants to be mainstream?

15 October, 2006 14:58  
Blogger mugabe said...


15 October, 2006 20:47  
Blogger Martin said...

LOL! "Luftputefartøyet mitt er fullt av ål".

15 October, 2006 20:53  
Blogger Karen said...

Something about finding yourself in a packed house of eels?

And your welcome! "Normal" is way overrated.

15 October, 2006 21:22  
Blogger Karen said...

My hovercraft is full of eels in many languages....

Never mind. It helps if I follow the links ;-)

15 October, 2006 21:23  
Anonymous Maria said...

Hej där. :)
Tänkte tacka för den trevliga pratstunden på Imagicon. Gick det bra med Göteborgshyllningen? ;)

Insåg för en stund sedan att det var ju du som skrev en krönika i senaste Minotauren. Ibland är man trög, haha.

15 October, 2006 22:24  

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