Friday, June 30, 2006

Love Kraft

I saw a deserted town on a mountainside. A desert landscape at sundown under a purple sky. On the unpleasantly cranial hills were antediluvian colossal statues that hurt my mind to see. Cyclopean cervids with tentacled faces and folded hands appeared to pay the dying day a sardonic reverence. And as I felt cold sweat break out on my forehead and my throat constrict in utter horror for the coming of darkness, I heard a sepulchral voice. And it chanted the forbidden words, "HOLL DREFNIANNAU LLINYNNOL A CHWYTHBRENNAU!"

Then I realised that it was not a dream or fever vision. It was the cover of the Welsh pop band The Super Furry Animals' latest CD, Love Kraft. The forbidden words mean "All string and wind arrangements" in Cymric. The music is the same tasty and varied stew of soft psychedelia as the band's previous records, now with clear influences from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in the harmony singing. Highly recommended! Apart from the album title and the cover art, however, there is no overtly cthulhoid content. One has to make do with a song about an invasion from outer space.

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