Monday, June 26, 2006

Race and Desire

My wife and I talked about race today. She's Chinese, absolutely beautiful, blowtorch hot. Being with her is a daily joy. Sometime's I've fancied I could recognise details from some Hokusai print in her build. It really pisses her off, though, she grumbles and calls me a racist.

But I'm not into her because she's Asian. Nor despite the fact that she's Asian, for that matter. I'm just mad about her, head to toes. And she happens to be Asian.

I have yet to encounter a nation without any hot women. The day they make me an Oriental despot, I'll send the recruiting eunuchs for my harem to every corner of the world. Immigration has added enormously to the diversity of Sweden's gene pool, and it's great to stroll around among the people of Stockholm these days. So many ways of being beautiful.

I read a story today about genetically altered people with photosynthesis. Green skin and golden hair. Their women sounded really good too.

And I've been thinking about people with a thing for some ethnic or racial type. I know a lady who only goes for Jewish guys, preferably older than her. And another lady who loves African guys. And I know there are people with a thing for blondes, for blacks, for Asians, for Latin Americans. Is that bad? "You sick bastard, you only want me because I'm blonde/black/Asian/Latin!"

No, I don't think it's bad. The important thing isn't how we choose our mates, but how we treat them once we've gotten together with them. Actually, I'd say it's far better for a pale Swedish lady to have a thing for black guys than if she felt repulsed by them.

But most of us don't go through partners fast enough for our preferences to show. The statistical base never becomes large enough to be representative. And when we do hook up with someone, it's rarely pick-and-choose: it's a matter of luck and circumstance. As Nina Persson put it in A Camp's "Song for the Leftovers":
You're not what I was after
but I'm happy with what I found
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Anonymous David Harmon said...

I'd guess that much of that "thing for other races" is just individual expressions of exogamy.

03 July, 2006 14:03  
Blogger Martin said...

Aha, you think that humans have a genetic disposition for exogamy, marriage outside one's tribe? Well, there's also the common belief that people choose mates that are similar to themselves. Anyway, my kids needn't worry about inbreeding. (-;

03 July, 2006 14:39  

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