Saturday, May 06, 2006


This morning I woke early and abruptly out of an interesting dream and found the bedroom invaded by my progeny. A most efficient alarm clock; I got up, made sandwiches and went out to hunt for geocaches.

Beautiful proto-summer, birdsong and wood anemones (vitsippor, Anemone nemorosa), I drove north of Stockholm to the 18/19th century playgrounds of the obscene (-ly) rich.

Here are a few highlights of what I encountered, places I would most likely never have reached if it hadn't been for geocaching.
  • The private burial site of the descendants of Per Henrik Ling, father of Swedish gymnastics.
  • The grave of Joseph Martin Kraus, "the Swedish Mozart".
  • A 1940s anti-aircraft battery from which a German courier plane was once allegedly shot down.
  • A restored English park.
  • A defunct railway bridge.
  • A mock-Gothic Arts & Crafts brick tower.
  • A beech wood.
  • Two polychrome statues of Moorish fishermen, dressed only in brightly striped shorts, facing each other on either side of a stream.

All of this and still back home at eleven. I guess there's a reason I logged my 250th cache today!

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