Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fox Up a Tree

Yesterday the Dharma Bums, hippie retiree photo bloggers extraordinaires, had a great entry on a fence-climbing tail-less raccoon in their garden. It just so happens that I got a pretty cool photograph of a tree-climbing fox from my mother Åsa Leander the other day.

Åsa's partner Anders lives in the countryside just outside Stockholm, and his garden is always full of wildlife. To help the birds survive the cold he's hung a great big slab of pork rind from a tree. Irresistable to a fox as well. Writes Åsa,
"It kept tearing at the rind, fell down, jumped up again, nearly got its neck stuck in the tree-fork, almost strangling itself, got a piece loose, hopped down and started gnawing at it, back up again etc. Finally it gave up and slowly ambled away. What a show!"
The birds to the left are blue tits, Parus caeruleus. They're often seen in the company of great tits (boy am I gonna get Google hits now), Parus major. That species is called talgoxe in Swedish, meaning "tallow ox", because they really like pork rind too.

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Blogger Rexroth's Daughter said...

That is such a great photograph of a fox in a tree. I just recently read about foxes that climb trees, but I never thought I'd see one (vicariously, of course!). Excellent.

Hey, thanks so much for stopping by our blog, and for saying such kind things about us. Much appreciated, Martin. And now, I'm going to take a look around your site.

15 March, 2006 00:24  

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