Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fieldwork in Västra Tollstad

I just performed a convoluted stunt in order to pay our hostel bill.

1. Walk through drizzle to cash machine. Find out not enough on cash card.

2. Walk back to hostel, get laptop.

3. Drive to free wifi, log onto bank computer, transfer money to card.

4. Drive to cash machine, get cash.

5. Drive back to hostel, pay bill. Phew.

Spent a cold and windy day under intermittent drizzle in Västra Tollstad parish at one of the heaviest classic sites of Östergötland, a very strong candidate for a late 1st millennium princely seat. Found surprisingly little, though. A few pieces of 10th century jewellery from a previously known ploughed-out cemetery, signs of iron production, lots of aluminium bottle tops.

Tim & Kenth are working half of tomorrow with me before going home for easter celebrations. I'll stick it out until evening and then go home with the car full of great new source material. I'm really lucky to be able to live and work the way I do!


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