Monday, June 05, 2006

Archaeological Book Reviews

I read a lot of archaeological books and I review some of them in journals, primarily Fornvännen, of which I am one of the editors. Currently, I've got reviews of 39 books on-line, mostly in Swedish. The books I discuss have been published in the 90s and 00s. Most deal with Northern Europe.

There are several reasons that I do all this reviewing.
  • It helps me organise my thoughts about a book and to remember what I've read.
  • It allows me to take part in the scholarly debate with much greater frequency and shorter delay than if I only expressed my opinions as part of scholarly papers and books. A reviewer needn't present any investigations of his own, but he must express opinions.
  • Book reviews help qualify a scholar for grants and jobs.
Dear Reader, are you interested in Scandinavian archaeology and/or skepticism? Would you like to review a book? Then look no further than your friendly local blogger, who edits journals on these topics.

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