Friday, January 20, 2006

Internet for my pocket lint

It’s 2006, I’m a net head and funding bodies have smiled upon me. It’s time I got myself mobile internet access in my pocket.

I used to be pretty tech savvy, you know. I knew about PCs all the way up until, oh, about the introduction of the 486 processor. Then I let my PC Mag subscription lapse, ‘cause all they ever did was review stuff I would never have a use for nor be able to afford before it was obsolete. So, here I am – and I use this strong word advisedly – a user. I don’t even know what processor, how much memory or how large a hard disk our home computer has.

I’ve looked around the handheld computer market a little and got a vague feel for what’s available. Unlike cell telephony, I don’t need portable internet access very day. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems to mean that I should get two gadgets: a 3G (or GPRS?) cell phone to replace my current clunker and provide bandwidth, and a PDA that will talk to the phone over Bluetooth.

And here’s where you, Dear Reader, come in. I’m gonna give you a few specifications, and you tell me what you think about them and what PDA I should get. OK? Here we go.

My future PDA has: Bluetooth (duh), wifi connectivity, a Swedish qwerty keyboard, an e-mail client and a web browser. (My idea is to leech off open wifi connections whenever I can, and use the cell phone line when I can’t.)

Got that? Now, please enlighten me in the darkness of my abject userdom.

Update, 24 January. Dear Reader, it seems that just like myself, you are not a tech whiz. The techies over at SKOM have made me a number of suggestions, and currently I'm leaning toward getting a QTEK 9100. If I understand things correctly, this is the ultimate blogger tool, allowing me to photo blog from a treetop in the woods if I want to. Have you heard of this little beastie?

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