Thursday, June 01, 2006


Back in winter when I bought my handheld computer, I told you that it was the ultimate blogger's tool. I promised to blog from a treetop in the woods when the weather got better.

Dear Reader, I am in a tree. It's a Scotch pine, and it took a while to find one with any branches low enough to reach. My coordinates are N59°17.063 E018°13.742. The tree is on a hill in the woods belonging to Erstavik manor, near a steep slope with a lovely view.

Birdsong, blackbirds and others, traffic noise from the 222 motorway to the north, rustling leaves on the birches as the wind picks up. My bum hurts.

This is somewhere between 55 and 60 meters above current sea level. I wonder if there's any knapped quartz around.

With a decent platform, this would be a good elk spotting site. And an excellent mosquito site, I just realised.

Going home now to put the pix on-line. Just gonna put up some notices about selling the Ponty first. Aaaaaow, me bum!

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Blogger martha said...

I have no concept of how one blogs from a tree. My hat is off to you. The view is something to behold, a very different landscape than the one here, which is oak forest and redwood where there are trees, and a lot of rolling golden (or brown, depending on your perspective) hills.

03 June, 2006 19:49  
Blogger Martin said...

We have low ridges of grey granite and gneiss, ground down to smooth shapes by the inland ice, sparsely wooded with Scotch pine, fir and birch, inhabited by elk, roe deer, fox and hare. Between the ridges, either lakes, bogs or farmland. In summer evenings, the endless sunset lights up the pine trunks like glowing copper, and the blackbird sings. Visit Sweden in summer.

03 June, 2006 22:51  

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