Sunday, April 09, 2006


Today I helped my oldest friend David and hos wife Åsa move house. It was easy: very little furniture, a short distance and a pretty big team of movers.

The movers made me feel avuncular.

David, Åsa and I are in our mid-30s. But David has a lot of friends that are quite a bit younger. There was this young couple: early-to-mid 20s, no crow's feet, unbelievably slim, incredibly sweet and obviously very much in love. They spoke of studying, working temporary jobs, going to rock festivals, having gotten their first shared apartment. It was sheer avuncular joy seeing them together in the early spring sunshine. And they were alien to me.

So I realise that I'm really not a kid anymore. I'm even starting to feel weird looking at women without crow's feet in the street. Gotta get myself an academic job so I can cultivate my newfound avuncular mode with the students.

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Blogger martha said...

I'm also settling into the role of an older (relatively speaking) person, and am surprising myself by finding it to be pleasant in many ways. It's lovely to see teens and twenty somethings so open and enthusiastic about their futures. And my husband also talks about his unease eyeing younger women, as though there's something slightly creepy and inappropriate about it. As for me, I feel perfectly comfortable doing it in a purely aesthetic manner (god knows I wouldn't be interested in actually hooking up with one of these young things), and I don't feel intrusive either, because I know as a woman my glances will be interpreted in a kindly, motherly way!

10 April, 2006 18:35  
Blogger Martin said...

Yes, of course, unlike the male gaze a woman's stare can never convey any sexual-predatory hunger. (-;

12 April, 2006 19:17  

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